Digging To Success was an interdepartmental collaboration led by Asher Laub of the Science Department, Ara Lewis of the Math Department and Noel Luciano of the English Department. A big thank you goes out to both Ms. Lewis and Ms. Luciano for their commitment to insuring the success and completion of this project and e-journal.

Chapter 1: Story Reflections

Chapter 2: Reconstructing The Past

Chapter 3: Virtual Artifacts

Chapter 4: Physical Dig Site- Measurements

Chapter 5 Roman Town Discoveries

Below are images from the physical and archeological excavations of roman towns preserved and destroyed by Mount Vesuvius. Students are hard at work collecting and recording data:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow of student reflections of their excavations can be seen in a larger, clearer pdf format by clicking on the blue ejournal chapters above:

This video captures the mathematical component of the physical roman town excavation in which students calculated the mass, volume, densities and precise locations of each artifact that they uncovered.

Anthony and Jason discuss their piecing together a mosaic during their virtual excavation

Students watching a brief video introduction to Pompeii and how it was preserved by Mt. Vesuvius. A student, Isis, shares some information about preservation:

Introduction to Stratigraphy. Students discovered artifacts in their transparent containers and recorded results. Varying texture and colored in the sand provides clear demarcations between different layers.


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