Top Notch Musical Entertainment

Are you looking to get a violinist on board for a corporate event?

A violinist can turn out to be a great artistic addition to your corporate event. There is a reason why violin performances enjoy such diverse appeal. They can seamlessly be featured in wedding events as well as in corporare events. Violin itself is a very “versatile” instrument which can be used in varied genres of music to strike the right emotional chords.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a dueling violinist or a dancing violinist for your corporate event, you would definitely want to consider a few factors before getting one of them on board.

One of the first things that you would want to consider is the credential of the artist at the first place. The places where the artist has already performed and the variety of musical performances the team can blend with – are the two leading factors that should be duly prioritized.

Can the violinist and his team render varied high energy performances including nouveau cirque productions as well as animated LED manikins? Are they as comfortable performing with DJ renditions as they are with full ensemble bands?

You would also want to find out about the venues that they have already performed at. For instance, a violinist whose portfolio features places like Central Park, Madison Square Garden, Jacob Javitz Center, Lincoln Center and Hammerstein Hall would definitely rank high in your priority list rather than someone who is yet to garner such expansive exposure.

Other questions that you would want to explore are:

 Are you free to perform on the date of my event?

 How much do you charge for a performance?

 How much money should I pay in advance?

 Would you be comfortable picking up new songs if they aren’t listed?

 Do you have a repertoire list of your own?

Keep these points in view while hiring a violinist for the event.

  1. This is called the “rediculous factor”. Want to help students remember a topic forever try something like what I did in this video. Btw, this is just scratching the surface, I’ll post other “rediculous factor” videos soon.

  2. Breakdancing electric violinist extraordinaire, Asher, just released his first live dueling violinist performance on and it’s already going viral. But should we be at all surprised considering the consistent success of every other video release since he launched his dance violin career only 1 year ago?
    Asher hasn’t even released his first single yet and he’s already made a name for himself across the world with a rapidly growing facebook and Instagram fan pages ( and The Food Network, Cambrium LLC, Cambridge Wines Inc, Laguardia College and a list of other major corporate sponsors have most recently called upon Asher to help fundraise.
    This is going to be a good year for the breakdancing violinist. We’re excited to see what he has in store for the coming months. Make sure to subscribe to his site for the latest news and single release date:
    John Madden

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