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Searching For A Violinist

Finding out about violin artists and their ever-expanding forte

It wouldn’t really be an exaggeration to claim that your violin transcends “musical” barriers in more ways than one. Firstly, no more are violin renditions solely associated with highly refined musical choices—violinists have left no stone unturned to bring this sophisticated, not-so-massy musical instrument to the masses. You want to hire a reputable violin artist for your D-day and she/he will tell you that the entire musical team is as comfortable performing with DJ music as it is with bands. What more? Their performances are tailored for events of diverse scales, as well.

The ever-expanding forte of violin artists: What you should find out

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a corporate event, or an intimiate fundraising night or a grand wedding, violinists are available for all occasions. Who would you like to get on board? Would you like the violinist to perform with wedding band hire New York or with DJs? Make sure you are listening to a few recordings of the musician before initiating talks with him or her.

Let us tell you for a fact that the venues where the musician has already played actually goes on to tell you a lot about his exposure and artistic presence. For instance, if the portfolio of the artist features places like the Madison Square Garden, Central Park, Lincoln Center, Jacob Javitz Center and Hammerstein Hall, it should definitely inspire a whole of confidence in you regarding the credentials of the artist. You know you are getting the best on board when he or she is endorsed by the Madison Square crowd or for that matter by the Lincoln Center crowd.

Are you taking these steps to get the right artist on board?

It is extremely important on your end to ensure that you are securing answers to all these questions before you’re actually getting someone on board:

  • What kind of musical training has the artist received?
  • What kind of exposure does s/he have when it comes to performances (hint: consider the number of people the performer has handled as crowd – just in order to get a hang of the scale of the events the team has been handling till now)?
  • What does the performer charge?
  • Would the team be available for a performance on your wedding day?
  • Do they already have a list? Would they be comfortable in picking up new pieces?


Another important factor which you should keep in view while zeroing in on a choice is the kind of review the musical team has garnered. What are the testimonials telling you about the calibre of the artist and his or her team?


Rely on personal recommendations from friends and trusted sources. Has any of your friends got married in the recent past? Has he or she gone on to rope in a violin artist as well? Does s/he have a recommendation to make?


Do look out for these avenues of information in order to make a wise decision. Hope this primer has been of due help for you.