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Asher Laub‘s insight:

For immediate relief, topical applications of mineral oils (extralight mineral oil, available at most health food stores) or a 10 percent salve of MaxEPA in mineral oll ran be helpful.Over-the-counter cortisone creams can be helpful, but their regular use can cause a rebound effect, so try to use them sparingly.Investigate the possibility of food allergies.Suspect candidiasis as a cause. If elimination of yeast is not helpful, try fumaric acid treatments as follows.Try fumaric acid. Because of possible side effects, I recommend that patients have the treatment under supervision.First two weeks: one 500-mg. capsule dally.Next two weeks’ two 500-rog, capsules daily; one morning, one evening.Next two weeks: three 500-mg. capsules dally; one with each meal.After the first six weeks you can increase the capsules by one a day for a two-week period until you reach a maximum dose of seven capsules daily.After lesions have substantially cleared, a maintenance dose of one or two capsules should be taken daily. NOTE: Patients on this treatment should avoid taking penicillin and pregnant women should not use this treatment, and all people with psoriasis should avoid tetracycline.Relaxation exercises and regular exercise are important to control stress.


– Evening primrose oil: 500 mg. three times daily

– Fish oils in the form of MaxEPA: 1,000 to 2,000 mg. three times daily.

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