Monthly Archives: July 2011

Washing Machine Desk

What’s with the title?

Well folks, the washing machine desk is a rolling unit with drawers and a sink, about 3′ x 7′, which I use daily moving from classroom to classroom every period of my teaching day. I am a proud NYU graduate and arguably the hardest working first-year, 7th grade science teacher east of the Mississippi River. I have got this insatiable, indomitable, idealist dream to find the right combination of engaging lessons, reward systems, work ethic & balanced-lifestyle to run the “perfect classroom”.

I am nearing the end of my first year and I feel like Obama’s presidential victory pales in comparison to what I’ve achieved. It was a long-haul but I made it.

So why does anyone care about, what my students call, the washing-machine? Because I’ve self-proclaimed it the official mascot of all “2nd rate” teachers in the NYCDOE. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bitter first-year teacher. Yes, I can come off as a bit facetious and sardonic at times but I have a right to. I’m affecting change and I’m damn proud of it. I work my tail off inside and outside the classroom and I need my outlet. The type of outlet that often doesn’t exist within the school walls because of a fear that “he doesn’t care about the kids”. But it’s the simple fact that I manage my stress in such ways that allows me to go back into that classroom and laugh off those frustrations. Little of this is novel to you, but there’s a lack of support for these types of humor-based, coping-mechanisms and this blog is all about creating that forum. That along with new insights, complaints, problems, crazy wacked-out beliefs and dreams relating to a better tomorrow concerning the classroom environment, all in the name of affecting change through happier, more satisfied, and as a result, more affective teachers.